Whether they care or not, we should

I was awake and thinking and couldn't really sleep. Perhaps not the wisest moment tho think about the greater universe.

content warning: some nihilism & existentialism turning into hope & action.

Sometimes I wonder whether we are alone. We seem to be pretty lonely in our solar system, apart from the handful of billions on Earth. Mars seems to be--contrary to all the movies--just a rock, like many others. I'm not trying to dismiss it, I think it's very normal to try and look for other similar things in the universe. After all, a lot of people are addicted to social media. To see if you can learn from others. What can I improve? Am I doing something wrong? Am I doing good? It's in our genes to be very competitive, wether we like it or not. Sometimes, I really wish we weren't. Sure, there are things that have vastly improved over the decennia, like living standard, life expectancy, education. But sometimes, I feel we just don't learn from our mistakes: wars, climate change, economic crisis, housing bubble... I look up to stars to question: maybe do they know what we should do?

If there was a civilization with all the power in the universe, would they care to teach us to be better? We treat those who do not fit in harshly. We damage our planet. But it's not like we want to do that, right? We are all trying to survive, to protect our own justices and believes. Maybe that's part of the problem, we all have our own ways of solving things and we can never agree on how to fix things or in what order. Perhaps in my own ignorance, I don't want to believe that anyone or the greater world would truly want to keep the bad.

Would you take care of an injured animal you found? Perhaps that's how they look towards us. Not every animal is cared for, even though we want, we simply just don't have the resources. In some cases, we don't even care. However! Through all of this, I realized that I can simply help more. I can let myself care more. I am not a saint and abstain from having fun, it helps me stay motivated. But inaction is evil on it self, no?

"The Evil you would not have done to your self, you must abstain from doing the same to another, as far as may be done without prejudice to a Third."

— In Enchiridion Ethicum (1667), Chap. 4, Noema XV

I'm not really sure if I have the character to go through with this. I hope that having this in the open world helps me improve the world a bit more. Maybe you can help too?


Nara. 2024-29-02

Ps. I thought it was apt to make a custom background animation for this page. It uses WebGL. Neat right!